5 Signs Your Drain Needs Cleaning | Drain Cleaning in Atascadero, CA

5 Signs Your Drain Needs Cleaning | Drain Cleaning in Atascadero, CA

Human beings have been using water for many things ever since they stepped foot on this earth. In fact, it is just impossible to survive without water. But we don’t just use water to drink. We also use it to clean our bodies, clothes, cars, home and many other things. Water is a blessing that should never be taken for granted.

Of course, the water we use for cleaning purposes is not ideal for reuse. Therefore, we get rid of that particular water from our home. Now to get rid of that unwanted water, every house has a system known as the ‘drainage system’. This system is a small network of pipes, usually beneath the house that is responsible for delivering dirty water to sewers. It is very important that this drain system has clean pipes – otherwise, home owners can face a lot of problems.

Here are some of the signs that might indicate the need for drain cleaning in Atascadero, CA:

1.   Slow Drainage

Imagine you just woke up, thinking about how wonderful your day is going to be. You went to the bathroom to get cleaned up. You then move towards your sink to brush your teeth. After letting the tap run for just a minute, you notice a pool building up in the sink. Even after you close the tap, the pool takes a good two minutes of your time to drain out. This little problem can ruin your entire day but at least you now know that your drain is on the verge of getting blocked.

Slow drainage is one of the most obvious signs of a clogged drain. And it just doesn’t occur in sinks or bathtubs. You can also find signs of slow drainage in appliances such as washing machines and dish washers. These appliances are designed to drain out the water automatically after cleaning is over. So if you find water inside your washing machine or dishwater, even after the cleaning process is over, then it is also a big sign for a clogged drain.

Slow drainage should not be ignored. It’s a problem that indicates an even bigger problem that can be caused when not dealt with in time. So if you notice slow drainage anywhere inside your home, immediately call for best drain cleaning in Atascadero, CA.

2.   Water Coming Back up

This is probably the biggest indication of a clogged drain in your home. The drainage system of a home consists of a number of pipes that create a small network of water routes. These individual pipes are connected with your sink, bath tubs, home appliances and pretty much every drain hole inside your house. All these pipes end up in a big drain pipe that flushes out the water into the sewers.

So if even a single pipe in your home gets clogged, it can create a situation that can be very annoying. For example, flushing the toilet causes the water to come back up in the bath tub. Similarly, clogged drain can cause the water to pop back up out of any drain in your home. To avoid this problem, first figure out which drain is clogged. Once you find that out, stop using that particular water source and call service for drain cleaning in Atascadero, CA to fix that drain pipe.

3.   Strange Sounds

Moving and falling liquid have their particular sounds. We are quite familiar with all the sounds water makes when being used in the house –  in the shower, when filling a bathtub, when splashing into a kitchen sink etc.

There is nothing unusual or unfamiliar about these sounds.

But if you start hearing unusual sounds of water such as gurgling noises, particularly from the drains, then it means the drain is clogging. These gurgling sounds are created when water is having difficulty in finding its way out due to obstacles in the way. You might hear these sounds from your sink and also from your toilet after you flush it. So keep your ears alert for these sounds and call for the best drain cleaning in Atascadero, CA to clear the drain before problem gets bigger.

4.   Unpleasant Odors

All drain pipes inside your home eventually end up in the sewers. However most of these pipes in modern homes are fitted with ‘traps’. These traps are there to block out all the unpleasant smells of the sewers from entering your house. They do this by holding the current used water from your home. Once the traps reach their capacity, it drains out the water to accommodate a new batch.

If you start smelling unpleasant aromas in your bathroom or kitchen sink, then it certainly means there is something wrong with the drainage system.  This could be a sign of a clogged drain or an over-filled trap. If you start getting the smell of sewerage from inside your home, the first thing you should do is call the drain cleaning in Atascadero, CA to get if fixed.

5.   Basement Flooding

Most of the homes have their drainage network installed below their house. Usually these pipes pass through the basement level which is most vulnerable to any kind of accident. If you notice your basement getting flooded then it could be an indication of damaged drain pipes. Most drain pipes get damaged due to high water pressure that is caused by clogging. To prevent this problem call for the best drain cleaning in Atascadero, CA to clear your drain pipes.

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