Experiencing a gas or water leak?

Immediately Shut off the supply from the local or main line suppling the water or gas to the building.

Please STOP reading and immediately shut off the source of water or gas before the leak can cause any additional problems or severe property damage.

Water is typically plumbed thru a local shut off control valve that connects to the leaking plumbing fixture.The source of the leak near the plumbing fixture or appliance (generally these are found under the counter, sink or on the wall behind the appliance or toilet), another option is to shut off the main water supply line coming into the building.

Gas leaks can be difficult to isolate and are extremely dangerous. We’d advise closing the main natural or propane gas supply line and then opening any windows to help minimize the gas levels in the building.

While Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is availble 24/7 to assist with your leaking gas lines, your natural gas or propane provider may have an emergency phone number to help minimiize any potential danger the leaks may present.

Still got a leak? In your Lawn, under the floor, coming thru the concrete slab? We can help with that too! Using advanced electronic leak detection devices and video camera inspection equipment, we can accurately and quickly identify the source of the leak regardless if it is broken sewer or water line.

We are also equipped to offer trenchless sewer line and pipe replacement as a fast solution for broken or leaking pipes, so you can avoid the added time, costs and headaches associated with digging trenches, damaging lawns, drive ways, concrete patios or other existing landscaping you’d prefer to leave intact.

Dial 805-468-4444 for immediate leak assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, the local punctual plumber, is committed to providing fast, cost effective leak repairs on California’s central coast and we guarantee… “If there is any delay, it’s you we will pay!”

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, headquartered in Atascadero, CA is the official, authorized local plumbing contractor choosen to provide twenty four hour 365 day plumber services in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties. All work and repairs performed by one of our certified, trained and experienced plumbers is backed by our industry leading guarantees. Dial 805-468-4444 – and call toll free from anywhere on California’s beautiful Central Coast. We Promise, if there is any Delay, it’s you we will pay!

Outdoor Faucet Leaking due to bad rubber seal or bent hose connection point. Easy to repair….please don’t waste water!

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