Water Conditioning is the process of preparing the water for it’s intended usage.

Water Softeners & Filters are the most common method of water conditioning used in residential and commercial applications. Whether your water is supplied by the city or a private well, one of our complete water treatment systems will provide years of quality water that will meet your specific needs when and where you need it.

While Ben Franklin Plumbing will gladly install any type of equipment you would like to condition your water with, we would highly recommend taking advantage of a thorough water analysis, to ensure that you water conditioning equipment delivers the results you are looking for. In the following pages we have provided some basic details to help you understand the difference in the most common water conditioning methods and what they can and can’t do, yet please don’t hesitate to call and speak with one of our Water Quality experts.

Water Softeners

Water Filtration

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing will gladly provide a free on site consultation anywhere in the cities we serve and we can arrange for a complete water analysis with our testing lab.

For details on our current specials to install a whole house water filter, water softener, R/O drinking water system, or a complete water treatment system – Call 805-468-4444.

Water Conditioning Services for California’s Central Coast with Halo Water Systems, Halo 5 Unit.

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