A water softening system, somtimes referred to as a water conditioner is designed to reduce the hardness of your water by reducing the mineral content. Depending on the current hardness of your water (we can provide a free water analysis) you may experience significant benefits by having softened cold and hot water. Your skin, hair, laundry, dishes, car washing window cleaning, plumbing fixtures and water heaters will love you and so will you wallet. Soft water also cuts down on the amount of detergent or soap you may need to use for any and all cleaning and it will make your next bubble bath a true pleasure. Some additional benefits from softened water are the elimination of water spots, scale and calcium build up.

Water softeners have traditionaly been salt based exchange systems, yet at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing we have found several alternatives that work very well in our local area regardless if you recieve water from the local cities or you have your own well.

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